Neapolitan Calzone

Our Neapolitan Calzone is created using the same amount of dough as is used in our personnal sized 12 inch pizza wich entraps the flavours of all of your favorite ingredients.
£ 11.50

Vegetali Calzone

Roasted aubergines, mushrooms and sweet tricolor peppers, caramelised red onions, sweetcorn, san marzano tomato and mozzarella base. Healthy and nutrional - Part of your five a day!
£ 12.50

Carne Calzone

Spicy beef pepperonis, turkey ham and wood fired chicken, all on a san marzano tomato base with mozzarella and fresh basil - Simply delicious for meat lovers!
£ 12.50

Ecco Calzone

Strips of Ecco's marinated wood fired chicken with roasted tricolor peppers and mushrooms all on our san marzano tomato base with mozzarella - For all chicken lovers!